Summer Goals

I am trying to turn every negative of this dreadful summer job into a positive. I'm addicted to lists. So here ya go.

1. I do approximately 1 to 2 things a day. (Yesterday, I printed out labels.)
Plus Side: More time to read books and study for the MCAT (ha! yea right)
2. Every amazing internet website is blocked. This includes Facebook, YouTube, Perez Hilton,
Xanga... the list goes on
Plus Side: Blogger works. More blogging. More thinking.
3. It is absolutely positively fa-reaking FREEZING in this building.
Plus Side: Shivering burns up to 400 calories per hour
4. I am in a building all day with no windows. And I miss being by the pool & outside. My tan
will be nonexistant.
Plus Side: Less chance of developing skin cancer and more of a chance to make money to buy
cute clothes.
5. I'm too tired in the morning to fix my lunch, so I resort to fast food during the day.
Plus Side: More of a reason to work -out.

On that note, I've put together a set of umm... "Goals" for the summer.

1. Books to Read: (Any Suggestions?) I'm kind of completely clueless to fun books these days after living in my textbooks for what seems like FOREVER.
2. GET IN SHAPE! I keep telling myself I'm going to do this and I don't do it! My goal is to run at least 3 times a week, with a minimum 400 crunches every other day. I'm also going to ATTEMPT to eat better. I don't think that's going to pan out very well considering I'm surrounded by all these delicious food places. Yesterday I broke my self-promise and completely dominated Mr. Gatti's pizza buffet. Oh well...
3. Shoes. I need them. I love shoes, but hate buying them. I'm going to have to invest in some heels and wedges one of these days because when I need them I never have them. I think I own 2 pairs of decent heels. That's embarassing...
4. Study. Yup, you heard me right. I want to start going through all this MCAT nonsense my best friend handed down to me. I have an entire bag of notecards in the trunk of my car calling my name...
5. Organize. If you saw my room right now, you would go into cardiac arrest.



The deep dive into finals. The weight of your body combines with the force of gravity to pull you deeper into the water's depths, much farther than you've ever wanted to go. As soon as you can stop yourself from the continuous pull, the strive to reach the water's surface begins. Lungs tighten, panic takes over your every thought, and alas; sunlight and the first deep breath you've taken in what seems like forever.

Summer. It is here. And it is not a dream.
Relaxation. Contemplation. and (for some) Hibernation.

Thank You, Jesus.



It's called a "crush" for a reason... it hurts. The waiting game begins... each minute hacking at my self esteem. The constant questions of "What am I doing wrong?" & "Do I look okay?" branded into my subconcious thought.

It sucks being a girl! I feel like I've come so far from where I was in terms of being independent... but I've still got so much farther to go. I've found that aching, that longing, that infatuation I haven't felt in a very long time... I've actually met someone that I could possibly sort of like!! but what do you do when the feelings aren't mutual? When you're phone stops lighting up with his name and you feel REJECTED. It's like being handed a cupcake and you can't eat it!

Oh my GOSH. I'm THAT girl. The one who meets someone and thinks they are the most amazing thing and develops a creepy crush based on nothing. Somebody, slap me.

The only thing I can do is see the positive in this situation: it is but a taste of what is to come.
and to learn my lesson: go back and hit em up style. get your butt in the gym and fix your face.